Friday, July 25, 2008

San Francisco

Well, we made it through Washington and Oregon, and Northern California. Wow, That was a big chunk without any updates! Haha, I plain just don't have time to post all of the details of the trip! Basically, the weather has continued to be below the norm. Rather than sunshine and warmth we have had overcast, and frigid mist...

...untill we finally arrived in San Francisco. It has been sunny, and moderately warm the past few days, and warming up. (Yay!) We stayed here in San Fran last night, and we explored around today, and we will head back out on the road tomorrow morning. It looks like we are right on schedule to arrive at the Mexico border by August 10th or 11th. Or maybe a little earlier. Haha. We'll just have to see.

It has been amazing. The giant coastal redwoods of Northern California are simply breathtaking. I wanted to spend a few weeks just exploring and hiking through some of those areas. Fantastic. It really makes you feel insignificant in the grand scheme of things though, to see these giant lifeforms, born over 1000 years ago, and they will still be around long after I am gone. Even the fallen trees last as tributes to their lives.

The redwoods are incredibly resiliant as well. It seems like they are impervious to just about anything that can be thrown at them. Many of them have had fires burn holes right through their trunks or stumps... and yet they still stand... AND LIVE! There was one tree in particular that formed a little room inside it's trunk where it had been burned out; a hollow cavern large enough for me to stand. And the tree was still tugging along. Amazing.

San Francisco has been great. It reminds me a lot of Salt Lake City, but considerably bigger, buisier, and with excellent public trasportation in place. Tonight we are going to see the revival of "A Chorus Line" which I'm told will be excellent. I had to work for a few hours today washing out my pants so that I don't look like a homeless person at the theater. Haha.

Still no opportunity to upload photos from Washington on down. I'll have a lot of work to do when I get to a better computer.

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