Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Los Angeles

I almost can't believe we have come this far. We arrived in LA city limits yesterday and are currently staying in a hotel right on Venice Beach. We spent all day today just browsing around the shops, talking to independant hip-hop artists and whatnot, and also surfing. Sweeeeet. When people believe us, they are just thrilled and awed to have met us, and demand that we shake their hand, and have a picture with them. However, many people just think we are lying to them, or jerking their chain. Haha, sometimes it is hard for me to believe that we have come this far, but then I get on here and see all of the pictures, and it blows me away.

Finally, the weather is WARM and SUNNY, and glorious. There simply are no computers available for me to upload any photos though. There are only these internet kiosk things where we can do internet stuff, but no USB ports or anything. I will be uploading the many hundreds of photos that have been acumulating since the last upload when I am back home in SLC, which will be in 5 very short days. We have our tickets to fly out of San Diego on August 10th. wOOt!
That also means that I will get time to start uploading video clips too. I've got 20 hours of footage now. That is going to take a LONG time to sift through. :S

I look forward to seeing all of my friends back home again very soon. I miss you all!

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