Friday, June 27, 2008

British Columbia (Past Cassiar)

Past the Cassiar, things completely changed. Where there would have been miles (or kilometers) of wilderness, there is either farmland, ranch homes, or woodcutting factories. Most of the communities we came accross in the first few days were all woodcutting villiages. It smelled GREAT. Fresh cut wood is a great scent to wake up to, or whiff as a big semi passes.

It became difficult to find a place to pee though. Haha! Normally, we could just go on the side of the road, but past the Cassiar, there are two problems: Either there is just too much traffic to get any privacy, or you are peeing in someone's yard. Haha, that is no good. The rest areas or gas stations can be a little far and few between. Sometimes 20 miles apart, so we had to really plan ahead when we would pass them.

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