Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Fever

Here in Salt Lake City, we are having our typical springtime weather swings.  Today for example, is lovely weather to be outside.  It might be just cold enough still to want a jacket, but it was nice to get outside and be in the sunshine for a bit today.  It is difficult to make any plans for the coming weeks, however, because it is pretty certain that we will get hit with cold weather and more snow.  It will typically go like that until May.

The weather today, however, actually reminds me a lot of the weather that we encountered up in Alaska at the end of May when we started our 2008 tour.  The air is brisk, snow still covers the mountains, but the sun is warm and inviting, though a storm could materialize at the drop of a hat.  It definitely triggers a lot of memories.

After our 2008 tour, I've lost my taste for being out in the cold.  It isn't that I can't do it, but I really find myself with very little motivation to go outdoors if there is a chance of ending up wet and cold.  You could maybe call it a little touch of post-traumatic stress that is creating a barrier for me.  Either way, I typically avoid going outdoors in the winter now, and my wife and I have been feeling very cooped up, and ready for the warm weather.  While I wait for the snow to clear off of the mountains--or at least for the avalanche danger to drop to my liking--we'll probably get out and do some bike rides here around the valley, but I'm also really looking forward to getting out to do some hikes up the canyons, some rock climbing, and even bagging a few summits on our local peaks.

The warm weather can't come too soon!

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